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Stay in contact with nature.

Visit parks and natural areas often if you live in a city.  Fill your house with plants and use an air purifier.
Live in the suburbs, in the country or near forests if possible. Plant a small garden to stay in contact with the soil.


The warming, cooling qualities of fruit.

Each fruit has its own qualities such as being warming or cooling.
Cherries and peaches are warming.



Vegetables, cooked and raw, alkalize and mineralize the body.

The transition - detoxification process needs plenty of mineralizing, alkalizing, fiber rich vegetables which help slow down the elimination - detoxification process by absorbing toxic waste and moving it out of the body.

Transition to

Health !


The word "HEALTH" comes from the Old English word hale which means WHOLE.


To be healthy is to be whole and full of Life.


HEALTH is physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual WHOLENESS.


"Holiness" or "Whollyness" is really Health in body, mind and Spirit.



This is your invitation to begin a transition, a journey, to a healthier, happier more fulfilling lifestyle.


Get started today, by taking the plunge, the first step, with a leap of faith by reading and applying the lessons in The Transition Diet.

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